Scott and Clare Loughrige feel deeply grateful to God for their almost 3 decades in ministry together. One friend who is a psychologist for pastors in crisis said,
“Do you know what a miracle it is that after these many years in ministry you still love God, the Church and each other?!”  
They affirm it is a miracle and a grace but it has not been without intentional effort.  “We will continue to stay open to transformation as Christ’s ministers.  We will not give a message we don;t experience ourselves.  The mission to help leaders “navigate the journey” is one of the deepest passions we share.  As the pastors of the church we planted 26 years ago, the parents of adult children and grandchildren, we have experienced the joy and grief of leadership. We have HOPE for pastors and leaders who experience both prosperity and adversity.  We offer trainings and resources to help leaders form in the image of Christ as you “navigate the journey home”.”

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Spiritual Direction for Christian Leaders

The ultimate goal of spiritual direction is to deepen your connection with God. …more

Leadership Experiences Seminars or Retreats

You have experienced pain and exhilarating adventure in your journey… the abundant life Jesus was speaking of.    …more

Enneagram Training

The Eneagram Personality Styles

The Enneagram conveys a system of knowledge about nine distinct but interrelated personality types…                …more


Motions of the Soul

This work trains individuals and teams in personal transformation, discernment and conflict transformation.    …more




2-Year Community for Leaders with The Transforming Center

The best thing you bring to leadership is your own transforming self. Spiritual leadership emerges from our souls. This is the place where God is present to us, stirring up our deepest questions and longings to draw us deeper into relationship with Him. Read more…


Marriage Seminars or Retreats

Enneagram in Marriage

Understanding ourselves and our spouse can keep us in the place of marital reverence, forgiveness and JOY.    …more


Marriage in the Overflow

When the health of marriages are threatened by the floods of this life there is an overflow of the spirit…     …more