Rev. Clare Loughrige, is a church planter, pastor and social activist. She is a formally trained Spiritual Director for leaders with The Transforming Center in Wheaton, IL and President of Crossroads Transforming Resources. Clare is the Author of two Enneagram Books and President of the International Enneagram Association (IEA) Great Lakes Chapter. As a credentialed Professional and Teacher with the IEA she has developed a program that certifies Enneagram instructors in the Harmony Triads. Loughrige is also cited as a recommended Instructor with First Analysis Institute of Integrative Studies, Loyola University Chicago. In addition to Clare’s work with Spiritual Communities, she currently serves on boards for Michigan Human Trafficking Task Force, and Sexual Assault Services Calhoun County Advisory Board.

Rev Scott Loughrige a church planter and social entrepreneur. Scott has provided vision and executive oversight for Crossroads Church and Ministries (CCM), Bread of Life Food Pantry, and CCM World Missions. He has spent his adult life leading teams, ministries, and educational agencies to bring the good news of Jesus to seekers, the poor, widow and orpan. An IEA Professional, Scott is certified in the Enneagram through Jerome Wagner, PHd. and serves on the Great Lakes Board of the IEA. Scott uses the Enneagram as Financial Strategist for CCM, Michigan Human Trafficking Task Force, Vice President of the Brian Project and Vocational Coach for Michigan Rehabilitative Services.

Together, as Co-founding Senior Pastors at Crossroads Church and Ministries Clare and Scott use the Enneagram as a tool for discipleship, leadership devolopment and pastoral counseling. They have enjoyed shared leadership for almost 3 decades. Teaching as a team at conferences, workshops and retreats in the US and Abroad. As Christ followers, the Loughriges carry the conviction that all sustainable action in the world must emerge from a life that is centered and operates from interior freedom

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acle but it has not been without intentional effort. We continue to bring our transforming selves to the work we do. We have not wanted to give a message that we couldn’t experience ourselves. As the VERY HUMAN pastors of this community, the parents of wonderfully developed (and very human) adult children and growing grandchildren, we have HOPE for the global Church. We have hope for pastors and leaders and all they are facing. We have hope that Christ can be experienced in this very broken world that Jesus died for.”

Scott and Clare offer training and resources to help you form in the image of Christ as you “navigate the journey home”. http://www.ccmonline.org/pastoral-leadership-missions)


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  1. scott wolf and family

    My family and I have been coming to crossroads since november of 2011 and look foward to every sunday to lift us up and scott and claire really bring it home and deliver the message loud and clear. My family loves crossroads and our time spent with our crossroads family.


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