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About Scott & Clare

Scott and Clare Loughrige are Co-Founding Lead Pastors of Crossroads Church. With a vision of starting a dynamic life-filled church, Scott and Clare were sent from a pastoral team in Downriver Detroit and came to live in the Marshall area in 1992. They are deeply committed to building a community where spiritual transformation is the norm and from a place of transformation-- take action in the world. They serve in local and worldwide missions devoted to social justice issues and find no sacred secular split. They believe that social change emerges from a place of deep connectedness with Christ and a community of faith."We have chosen to stay at Crossroads all these years and live into a longterm commitment to a local church. We have enjoyed watching this church continue to transform into the image of Christ and feel deeply grateful to have served this community in that process. Crossroads has been and continues to be a community that is transforming for the sake of the world Jesus loves. Everyday this community challenges us to grow in faith, hope and love. We love our church!" In addition to their commitment to ministry in their own community, they speak at conferences, seminars, and retreats and have a deep commitment to strengthen the souls of Pastors and ministry leaders and the churches they serve. "Our friend who is a psychologist for pastors in crisis said "Do you know what a miracle it is that after these many years in ministry you still love God, the Church and each other?!" We realize it is a miracle and a grace but it has not been without intentional effort. We have given our lives to train and continue to form as Christ's ministers. We have not wanted to give a message that we couldn't experience ourselves. As the pastors of this communnity, the parents of wonderfully developed adult children and growing grandchildren we have HOPE for pastors and leaders and whatever they may be facing". Scott and Clare offer trainings and resources to help you form in the image of Christ as you "navigate the journey home".

On International Women’s Day 2017

On International Women’s Day I want GIVE THANKS for my dad who raised me to be a confident human, inspiring me every step of the way as I entered a vocation that is dominantly male and even antagonistic to female leaders. 


I want to APPLAUD my husband, my partner, my equal, my co-conspirator in the mission of justice and mercy. Scott is the strongest man I know who has no need to suppress others so that he can accomplish his goals for good in the world. 



With my hands lifted and my voice raised
I want to give a SHOUT OUT to the WOMEN
who have gone before me
who suffered and died
without seeing the vision God had
in the beginning-
human beings caring for each other and the earth
with love, respect and power used for the advantage of all. 

On this International Women’s Day 
I pray that with reverence and awe 
we would see ourselves and the other 
made in the Image of God. 
Let us lay down our swords 
work a plow 
plant seeds 
sweat through the hard work 
and reap a harvest of peace 
for our children and our children’s children. 


May we let go of our sexism, criticism, false-pride and fear 
and find our true call 
to love our neighbor as ourselves.

My love-hate relationship with traveling

I hate traveling. Pretty sure I just unpacked my battered suitcase from somewhere. Now, I sit in the passenger seat for my monthly trek to Chicago. We don’t get Chicago Pizza, watch the White Sox or shop on the Magnificent Mile.

Did I bring my toothbrush? Never fails, I usually forget something. I wish I were better at this travel thing, but I’m not. I way OVER pack shoes, clothes, etc. because I just never know what I might need or what doesn’t fit this week!

I bring my own pillow because I hate the thought of putting my face on someone else’s drool. I would pack my bed if I could. Make sure you don’t watch 20/20 to find out what’s in the world of public bedrooms.

I miss my coffee (Blossom and Sons) my bathroom, my deck, my books and my own office. I like my own cooking and knowing who cooked it and if hands and veggies were washed.

Oh and the worst part, I miss my kids and grandkids. It’s not that I see them everyday when I’m home but just knowing I can’t, makes me long to see their beautiful faces. As soon as I get in the car, I’ve got McD’s or pizza party plans for them when I get home!

Do I sound like a whiner? I’m not, I’m just saying…

Why do I go to Chicago? I go to Listen. I listen to the stories of leaders who are on an intentional spiritual journey with the Transforming Center Each group of leaders spends 2.5 days each quarter practicing their faith, deepening their relationship with God and strengthening the souls of their leadership.

Really, I love traveling, especially to Chicago. Providing the service of Spiritual Direction to pastors and leaders as they navigate the journey is pure joy for me. I know their lives are experiencing profound transformation. How do I know? I took the trip for myself at a critical time in my life 15 years ago. A Spiritual Director helped me hear my truth and discover where God was through it all. Now I do that for others.

So, with my broken wheeled suitcase in the back I sing with Willy Nelson, “On the road again.” Extra bonus- this gorgeous dude is my traveling companion.


I love traveling.

Donna’s Heaven Day

When I was five my sister Donna left for college. She was on an adventure. I was devastated.

donna and me

Donna was a mother to her younger brothers and sisters. Things like partly burnt-partly frozen ring bologna were the mark of her culinary skills. She was a terrible chef and prepared food that made you laugh and feel loved.

Her gift of being fully present to me has shaped my life.  I didn’t know that she was teaching me to see people, really see people.  She would gaze into my eyes, see her own reflection and say “I see Donna in your eyes” to which I would reply, “I see Clare in your eyes.”

When Donna was a young mom, she would come home on the weekends with her family. We would eat, laugh, sing and play in the front yard. Donna was a person of ease, a member of slow-time, a lovely non-anxious presence.

When I was a young mom, Donna called me every Saturday.  She had to know all the details of how I was hanging in there. She was never in a rush, even when I was, which was most of the time.

Donna made art for all of us. Sadly, gone are the t-shirts she made for me entitled “Sara’s Mom and Sara’s Dad.” She drew us holding our baby girl at 3 am in that “young parent trance” with big black circles under our eyes. She had a way of saying, “I’m paying attention to this crazy moment in your life.”

A few years ago my dad gave me the sweatshirt she made for him. Dad served as Chairman of the Board for many NPO’s during his generative years. Donna loved to create art that said, “I see you, I get you.”


The last gift Donna gave me was a few months before she died. A Boyd’s Bear.  She made sure all the people she loved had bears that told the story of a moment they shared.  Mine was a symbol of the day she left me when I was 5. All these years she carried that excruciating good-bye in her heart just like me.

boyd bear

During Donna’s final five months our conversations were about God, God’s forgiveness and Heaven. I told her “in God’s house there are many rooms.” She wondered if God would give her a purple room. That seemed like something God would love to create for my sister, God’s own child. She never asked for anything…she only gave. Pretty sure she got the purple room.

Today marks 15 years since she left for heaven. I am spending the morning writing about my beautiful sister with tears and smiles. Holding and cherishing her gifts and imagining her in her purple room saying, “I see you, I’m with you.”

You can still see Donna in my eyes.  Her presence is still shaping my life. I love you, Donna <3

“Do not let your hearts be troubled. Believe in God, believe also in me. In my Father’s house there are many rooms. If it were not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you? And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and will take you to myself, so that where I am, there you may be also.

John 14:1-3

donna party

I See You

I can’t count the women over the years who have told me they either weren’t coming to church on Mother’s Day or couldn’t make it all the way through the service. Remarkable women who have shared their lives, given their energy to change their corner of the world feel excluded on this holiday.

There are so many reasons, and I won’t list them so that I don’t miss a single one. I just want you to know, I see you, I care about you.

Oh, and if you need a written excuse from a pastor to miss church today, I’ll sign it.

Having said that please allow me to say: Today I am celebrating the ALL females who are image bearers of God. Women who bring light in the darkness, hope in despair and presence to fill empty souls. I honor the beautiful women who speak up for the voiceless, offer grace to the sinner and beautify the ugliest corners of the world.

Some will produce human beings from their body, but ALL Image bears reproduce the life that is within them. Women nurture, care and shape individuals and ultimately culture.

Hallelujah for the feminine energy that changes the world through education, science, music, law, art, business and every random act of Divinity! Today I’m celebrating the creative, selfless, unrelenting women who give their lives to the next generation through every effort of faith hope and love.

In the beginning, God created women and men in God’s own image. Rock on magnificent daughters, sisters, friends, and Mothers! I see God in you.

With so much love,



Four-letter words and other personality typologies-


Did you ever take one of those personality style assessments where the results were a “four letter word?” Was the four letter word welcomed or did you feel like someone just described you with a expletive?

The first time I took the Myers-Briggs personality assessment I came out as an ENFJ, an acronym for extroversion, intuition, feeling, judgment. After reading the description, I didn’t want the 11 other pastors I was with to know my four letter word! I had just been cussed at, exposed!

That typology described my coping strategies in the world, but it didn’t capture my Essence, my true self. It wasn’t until the personality tool called the Enneagram that my true-self found a description and my false self-coping strategies found hope for transformation.

Transformation is a buzzword. Everybody uses it. My stylist and friend introduced me to a “Brazillian Blowout” that transformed my hair, but for only about six weeks. That’s fine for hair transformation, but when it comes to the soul we all need something more long lasting, in fact eternal!

The Enneagram Personality Styles tool is all about presence, being present to God, being present to yourself, and how we’re made in God’s image. Whenever we are not present to God and our “God image”, we will end up on our edge, away from Presence and end up using strategies that wound our lives and the lives of other people. Being aware of presence is a practice that can make and remake you as often as you bring intention to your attention.

This weekend we will be guiding 70+ brave souls on a journey of discovery through this personality tool. They will increase their awareness of how they are image bearers of God, what takes them away from the Divine presence and how to come back home to their true selves.

Transformation is a lifetime process. We are made new momently when we open to the grace of transformation. These individuals are not coming for a one-time experience; they will go home with a tool that can keep centered, aware of Presence, for the goodness of their own soul and the people with whom they are in a relationship.

On the Journey of transformation always and forever, amen.

Resources for the Enneagram and Crossroads Retreat

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